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I own several properties in the northwestern U.S. and have worked with, or been in contact with, at least ten property management companies over the last decade. Some of my best experiences have been with Crown. They offer full-service management, and the staff are always courteous and efficient. Beyond the day-to-day aspects of management, Crown has also been very strong in overseeing several renovation projects and in advising me during lease negotiations. I recommend them without hesitation.

Being an out of state owner means you put a lot of trust and faith in the people you hire. I look for a team of professionals who can balance financial success, property care, and are able to protect a landlord from the myriad of liabilities we are exposed to. I have worked with many other property managers and know that they are not all the same. When hiring Crown I was expecting that someday I would need to hire a different PM. That was 10 years ago and I have never looked elsewhere. I am sure I will say that again in 10 more years.

I have always been happy with the service and professionalism afforded me by Crown Property Management and their employees. They have been wonderful to work with.

Crown Property Management has managed our Pasco property for 10 years and is great at keeping it rented at a good rate. Our only complaint is that they charge $500 each time a new lease is written. This is a big hit from the 1st month rent and is excessive compared to costs elsewhere for the same service.

Crown Property has been managing my Pasco property since 2008. In that time I’ve had two different property managers assigned to my account. First Floris Herres who was a fantastic agent to work with and now for over 3 years, I’ve worked with Tiffany Janikowski. Tiffany has been great to work with. She helps me prioritize repairs so that I can plan my yearly budget accordingly, she is extremely responsive and answers my questions typically within minutes and she gets me all the bids I need to make an informed decision. Since I live out of state I rely on Tiffany and Crown Property to treat my property as their own and they have never let me down. I’ve had my share of bad experiences with two other companies, so I can tell you based on experience Crown Property is fantastic. They answer all my questions, help me prepare for changes, and provide me copies of any documentation I may need. I feel secure knowing my property is in their hands. Thank you Crown Property Management and thank you Tiffany for years of fantastic service!

We’re out of town owners and Crown takes great care of our investment property in Richland. Whether it’s finding tenants, coordinating maintenance, or organizing the financials, Crown has been great.

Experience has been largely a positive experience. Ms. Powell has been an excellent representative of Crown Property Management (so aptly named). Examples follow:

The paperwork to include the contract between owner and property management is the best I have seen as an owner of several properties in different states to include California and Hawaii. The owner’s manual is also excellent. It is succinct and leaves very little room for interpretation.

Crown Property has secured top notch managers such as Christee Powell and a superb support team. As a team, they are able to anticipate property issues and problem situations and assist the property owner in so many different ways. As a property owner, I have not had to wait for problem resolutions to take place. They are accomplished without fanfare almost immediately. Their advice has been spot on in so many ways – from fixing the pooling of water with a french drain to repairing the AC unit and trimming the tree in the winter months.

Selection of tenants are given great thought and only the ones who meet strict criteria are selected. All of the tenants who have occupied the rental home have taken care of the home so I have not had to perform additional maintenance.

Preventive maintenance appears to be the culture of this company in anticipation of maintenance problems about to occur. In all cases, the manager has been accurate in her assessment and advice on the condition and recommendation for resolving the problem.

Finally, they follow up on previous issues or problems so recurrence is minimized or totally resolved.

WE have recently had to make a change in management companies for our Richland property. We are extremely pleased with the service of Crown and especially happy to have Cyndy watching over our investment.

I have lived in 5 apartment complexes and Avalon Court managed by Crown Property Management is my favorite! They have an easy to navigate website and any maintenance requests are acted on quickly. The management is very nice and professional. The handyman is great and leaves everything working perfectly. We hope to live here a long time!

In July 2012 we relocated, resulting in a house available for rent! Crown Property was recommended by a friend and we are delighted with their service. We are long distance landlords, and are kept up to date with emails, and phone calls if necessary.

There is always a quick response if we contact them. We are grateful to be dealing with a property manager in whom we have full confidence.

We have used Crown Property for four years now and have property in another city with other management company. I must say the level of detail and care for both my tenants and my property clearly operating at a higher plane when dealing with Crown. To have a direct comparison between another company is very enlightening. Crown is clearly doing a much better job. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing property management services.

I recommend crown property to every property owner and everyone looking to renting a house. Christee makes bring a landlord very stress free. I am always proud to tell people that I use crown property because she has always been fair with tenants and awesome with us. I feel our investment is well taken care of.

I was new to property management services when I first encountered Christee Powell. From the initial encounter, Christee provided all the services I could think of and then some more. She did that with a display of professionalism, committment, attention to detail, and robust customer service that I rarely see equaled in all my years as a Program Manager with purvue over all commercial airplane programs. I use the term equaled due to the fact that she usually exceeds what I see in my professional environment. In addition, she is always cheerful and also engages with a total professional demeanor with my renters. Thus servicing both sides of the customer interaction. She also managed a signficant remodel of my rental home on time and on budget with zero pick-ups. In a word …perfection.

We have several properties managed by Crown and find their employees to be well versed in all issues arising from apartments to storage units. Our concerns are addressed promptly and professionally and always with a smile. Our experiences with them have continued to be positive throughout the years our relationship.

Crown has done an excellent job managing our property. I am a detailed oriented person with high expectations and hardly anyone ever meets those expectations. However, Sylvia’s team has done just that. Their property management, monthly operational and financial reports and competency are the highest in my book.

During Lynda’s tenure I had a couple of problems that demanded immediate attention in my unit. I so appreciated the professional way in which she handled these situations, understanding of my needs and clearly communicating time frames for completion of the work required to fix the problems. In short, she was a true professional.

I was pleasantly surprised when Crown took over and I saw the immediate improvements to the apartments, grounds, and the residents. The management team has been respectful and they really made me feel proud of the place I live again.

2007 would have been my last year living there had it not been for Crown Property Management taking over. In less than six months, all problematic tenants were removed, the grounds were cleaned and maintained, the noise level dropped to a peaceful level and the community became a pleasant neighborhood once again.

Yvonne and Cole are excellent representatives of your company. They respond immediately to any concerns.

We really enjoyed calling the Illahee our home. We will miss this beautiful place!

When I had a maintenance problem they were taken care of within a day. It was great!

I want to say ….. Crown Property Management … Have been taking care of our property for several years ….They are always there for our renters …and making sure everything is taken care when a problem arises. Christee, is by far the best property manager ,I have ever had . Working on her days off , always going above and beyond. Always there to make sure things are running smoothly. THANK. YOU.