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Crown Property Management

Since our inception in 2001, Crown Property Management has been dedicated to growing investments beyond the doors. As a family-owned and operated business, we set out with a mission to provide expert full-service property management services while maintaining a personal touch. Over the years, our vision has propelled us to become the most effective and experienced management company in our market, boasting a vast portfolio of residential investment properties, including Single Family Homes, Duplexes, and Multi-Family complexes

There is considerable advantage in experience, especially when it comes to managing valuable real estate investments. Our team is the perfect blend of a small, boutique company with a personalized touch, combined with a seasoned professionalism that can only be acquired through years of industry expertise. “Growing investment Beyond the Doors” is not only a tagline for us; it encompasses our core values and guides our interactions in everything we do.


Picture of Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson
CEO, Designated Broker 509.619.7363
Picture of Robin Daer
Robin Daer
Executive Property 509.737.3036
Picture of Harley Huston
Harley Huston
Commercial Broker 509.619.7347
Picture of Nikki Huston
Nikki Huston
Operations 509.824.6963
Picture of Christee Powell
Christee Powell
Property Manager 509.737.3012
Picture of Star Nickeson
Star Nickeson
Resident Coordinator 509.735.0166
Picture of Katrina Velasquez
Katrina Velasquez
Director of Maintenance 509.735.0167
Picture of Taylor Hrabe
Taylor Hrabe
Leasing 509.735.0165
Picture of Gabi Castelan
Gabi Castelan
Applications 509.619.7366
Picture of Jennifer Liikala
Jennifer Liikala
Commercial Property Manager 509.735.0163
Picture of Kylie Sakota
Kylie Sakota
Commercial Assistant 509.397.8274
Picture of Olivia Kelly
Olivia Kelly
Commercial Brokerage Assistant 509.957.2900
Picture of Billie Larkin
Billie Larkin
Accounting Lead 509.619.7355
Picture of Cierra Sakota
Cierra Sakota
Accounting Specialist/Human Resources 509.735.0162
Picture of Mark Clifford
Mark Clifford
Maintenance 509.735.0415
Picture of Randy Reeves
Randy Reeves
Maintenance 509.735.0415
Picture of Luis Ortiz-Filinich
Luis Ortiz-Filinich
Office Coordinator/Inspections 509.735.0415