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HOA Services

Crown Property Management provides services to homeowners associations based on the specific needs of each association. Our Financial Services are designed to provide the Board of Directors and Members with accurate financial records. We have the following services available for homeowners associations:

Financial Services

  • Collect assessments, fines, fees, and other receivables in a timely manner, includes online and automatic payment options for homeowners
  • Mail delinquent notices as directed by the Board to homeowners
  • Assure checking, savings and other accounts are maintained and reconciled on a regular basis
  • Make association disbursements in accordance with board-approved budgets
  • Prepare and distribute monthly and annual financial statements
  • Annual 1099 reporting
  • Monitor vendor insurance and licensing
  • Provide financial statements to independent third party hired by Board of Directors for Audits and Tax Returns
  • Assist the Board of Directors in preparing annual operating budgets
  • Maintain current list of owners
  • Respond to title company requests in regards to owner account balances

Additional Services

  • Website Administration
  • Distribution of Amendments and Resolutions or revisions of house rules
  • Distribution of Newsletters
  • Annual Membership meeting attendance

Please contact our office for a service proposal designed to your Association’s specific needs.